Chirho is a jewelry company mired in faith-based storied aesthetic. Our jewelry ranges from the traditional symbolisms of Christianity and Catholicism to one-of-a-kind pieces found in our collections. We infuse story, meaning and modern design into our jewelry with the purpose of providing inspiration.



The company was started as much to enhance everyday motivation and look, as it was to provide an opportunity to share faith during a time when talking about religion has become convoluted, complicated and even contentious. Imagine someone you know - or someone you may not - casually comment on your jewelry. Therein lies an opportunity to share the unique story behind a piece you are wearing - and your hope at large. In this way, our jewelry isn't just accessories, but conversation starters.



Chirho, pronounced (kI - rO), contain the first two letters of "Christ" in Greek (chi=X, and rho=P). The chi-rho symbol, also known as a Christogram, is one of the most commonly used symbols in Christian art and can be found in churches all over the world. It represents victory over sin and death. The name of the company, Chirho, draws inspiration from the meaning behind chi-rho and the use of symbolisms in Christian design. 




Chirho was founded by Deborah Song, a preacher's kid. Growing up in the church, Deborah often felt confined by the unilateral way Christianity was shared. Created out of a belief that there are many ways to talk about the gospel, jewelry became one of many shining conduits for doing just that. When Deborah is not working on jewelry, she can be found stringing words together. Much of her writing can be found on our magazine. After working at fashion publications, she has found a way through Chirho to weld two unlikely concepts: the look of religion. 




Despite the caricature portrayal of Christians in films and media at large, Chirho represents a creative and thoughtful demographic; we create jewelry we hope will lend to open-minded discourse. While we design with the discerning Christian in mind, we operate our company the way we believe any church should: all are welcome. So whether you are a member of the faith community, or someone who just loves inspirational jewelry, we're privileged to serve you. 




We believe business is a powerful platform for change. We also believe giving is the at the heart of what Jesus preached; money and giving is what He talked about most. We will donate 10% of all profits towards helping underserved communities, with a goal of increasing that amount to 12% by 2023. Let's make a difference together, one precious life at a time.