Gold Chi-Rho Coin Necklace


The Chi-Rho Coin Necklace features a replica of a Roman coin that circulated during the fourth century. The double-sided coin contains on one side the signature chi-rho symbol, and on the reverse, Constantine's son, Constantius II.

The chi-rho symbol, formed by superimposing the first two letters of “Christ” in Greek (chi=X; rho=P), has become one of the most common Christograms in Christian art and continues to be used in churches around the world to represent victory over sin and death. The symbol was made famous by Constantine the Great, the first Christian Roman emperor. After a divine vision, Constantine placed the emblem on shields during a watershed battle he lead to victory.

Constantine remains a controversial figure, but his contributions to Christianity from ending Christian persecution, and all religious persecution during that era, to his patronage to the church and clergy, have been compared in influence to that of Apostle Paul. 

Product Details

The Chi-Rho Coin Necklace is part of our iconic Coin Collection, a compendium of archeological coins - coins that tell a story about Christ's life, his influence, or has been referenced by Jesus in His teachings. The double-sided coin pendant has a matte finish that contrasts against the polished necklace hook and 2mm cable chain.  

  • 18K Gold vermeil on sterling silver
  • Pendant diameter: .9 in (size of a quarter) 
  • Link Chain width: 2mm 
  • Adjustable chain in 3 lengths: 16 in, 18 in, 20 in 

Customer Reviews

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Uyioghosa B.
Signature and one of a kind

The signature Chi-Rho necklace is definitely beautiful, even more so in person. It's a statementthat I'm proud of. Excellent quality!

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